About me

matteo-girelli-oldnewitaly-150x150My name is Matteo Girelli, I’m 32 and I live in Bologna.

I’m a Civil Engineer with a passion for historical buildings and nature.

I graduated in 2008 in Civil Engineering – Structures at the University of Bologna and I am a member of The Boards of Engineers of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino since 2009.

I’ve been working as Civil Engineer since 2008, initially as an assistant and then as freelancer, doing different activities, from technical advice, architectural and structural design up to construction management. Over the years I have also enhanced my skills by attending numerous seminars and advanced training courses, allowing to increase and broaden my knowldge and to keep me updated. My method of working is highly participatory with clients, colleagues and specialist consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project and throughout the entire process; I consider collaborations to be of great personal and professional enrichment for me.

Nothing like the recovery and renovation of a ruined property immersed into greenery catches my attention and stimulates my creativity. Over the years I got to practice my professional skills by taking care of several restorations of historical buildings and, specifically, of customized country houses.

I was so impressed that I began to lose myself in the Apennines of Bologna looking for ruins, getting in touch with the owners and buyers, helping them to look with different eyes stones and wooden beams, accompanying them on the journey to turn ruined properties into a perfect house.

Discover the renovated properties and those who might become your ideal home.

My team

Born in the city of Pesaro, he graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence with a thesis in Surveying and Architectural Composition entitled “Sub castro Papiniano, redevelopment of the former Lemmi pasta factory in Papiano village”. He is now doing postdoctoral research with some teaching responsibilities at the University of Florence. In love with history and restoration, he is now working as a freelancer with engineering and architectural firms in Pesaro, Florence and Bologna.
He is in charge of Old New Italy’s projects and building sites in the Marche region.

Born in Umbria, she graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence with a thesis in Architectural Design and Survey entitled “From the Earth to ground, ceramics workshop in the former Church of Santa Maria in Papiano”. She is expert architectural designer, skilled 3d modeller and renderer.
She is responsible for Old New Italy’s construction sites in the Umbria region of Italy.

He graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Bologna. Ing. Loreti is an expert structural designer in Emilia Romagna, a specialist in Acoustics and authorized Health and Safety Manager. He’s had a long professional partnership with Eng. Girelli working both on new buildings and renovation works.