A special day at work


Frequent on site inspections are very important, they’re fundamental steps in order to verify how works proceed and they’re often necessary to find last minute solutions when issues and unexpeced events occur. When works come along without issues and the client is satisfied, exceptions are permitted and it’s wonderful to have lunch all together with […]

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tazzola eng

With the end of the summer, new projects and ideas come to life in order to transform ancient stone houses  located in our Appennines into modern homes that proudly preserve traces of their past. It is always a pleasure to fantasize and imagine together with the customers a new life for an abandoned stable or […]

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Permanent Marks

Permanent trace of an old door

In this freezing winter day I am working in a building site on the Apennines near Bologna: an ancient barn recently renovated into a beautiful countryhouse on the hills. You know how amazing I think the combination of sandstones and wood beams is. Speaking of Old, New, and Italian elements, here’s how an ancient opening can leave […]

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Small demolitions in Carviano


Recently I found myself using mallet and chisel to break down small portions of stone farmhouses, such as walls or doors, to find out what was behind. Working with old abandoned buildings it often happens  to come across walled openings, locked windows or barred gates that prevent you from seeing beyond. We are used to […]

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I Luoghi di Cona


Today I want to tell you about a beautiful project that I am following: the restoration of an old brick house in Cona, in the province of Ferrara. “Luoghi di Cona“; this is the name Saverio gave to a very original project aimed at giving new life to the ancient farmhouse where he has long […]

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